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Filofax Organizers - a proven way to stay organized in a time when you need it the most.

Filofax is a company based in the UK that produces a range of well-known personal organizer wallets. The organizers are traditionally leather bound and have a six-ring loose-leaf binder system. The concept of the personal organizer originates in the US when Canadian engineer, J.C. Parker, invents a system to replace technical handbooks too big to carry. British Army Officer, Colonel Disney, comes across a Lefax personal organizer in the US and suggests that his friend, London printer William Rounce, launches the product in England

Norman & Hill Ltd is set up by William Rounce and partner Posseen Hill to export Lefax organizers to England. Temporary typist Grace Scurr suggests the organizers should be called 'Filofax' - derived from the term 'file-of-facts'. This name for the product was first coined when the UK company was founded in 1921. The popularity of the Filofax personal organizer grew enormously during the early 1980s due to its association with Yuppie Culture, where it was regarded as a "must-have" accessory, in the days before electronic organizers.

Filofax organizers are currently available in over fifteen countries, they come in the following sizes: A4, A5, Slimline, Personal, Pocket, Mini, Compact and Pocket Slimline. PensAndLeather offers the most popular sizes: A5, Personal and Compact Personal.

Famous devotees of the Filofax products include Lord Lichfield and Len Deighton.

Filofax is part of the UK-based Letts Group. In 2006, Phoenix Equity Partners led a secondary buy out of the business. The deal provided an exit for private equity firm Dunedin Capital Partners. In 2012 the company was acquired by HSGP Investments.

Remember to order your matching Filofax Organizer Pen to go with your agenda.

Filofax introduces three new Premium Organizer ranges: Filofax Classic Croc - Filofax Holborn Nubuck - Filofax Heritage

PensAndLeather's Filofax organizers ship with a current year diary calendar and starting in August of each year, we also include the following year calendar.